This website is dedicated to conveying the history of the world through mapping via scholars and local historians.  All work
must be properly vetted and presented in the prototype form shown.  Each submitter must be prepared to answer questions
posed by viewers regarding their work.

This site is operating under the premise that a tremendous amount of the history of any given local area can be conveyed
by local historians and researchers in a concise but thorough way, via a series of map overlays that, in total, tell the story
through time of their area of the world.  The result will be an online, interactive set of maps that can be used by anyone of
any age.  These maps will be an excellent source of historic information for the general public, and at the same time can be
used by scholars for more extensive research endeavors.

This is a non-profit work of love, as any dedicated historian will understand.  Any proceeds from membership will be used
first to maintain the website, then to assist in conducting outreach and furthering research for the website.