To Start

The initial prototype*  [from Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey]  is demonstrated here so future contributors      can understand what is required and the possible scope of this work.  New work does NOT need to be as elaborate as this example.
It can be as little as a few historic entries to begin with, and can be supplemented to any extent at any time.  We also welcome
ideas about format and additional content.

To install prototype:  Download current version of ‘Google Earth Pro’.  Disengage all commercial options and external photo collections!  Those are NOT a part of this program.  Click on the link below to install the prototype in ‘Temporary Places’.

To use prototype:  Click the arrow for the drop-down menu so that all 40+ topics for Delaware Township are shown.
[It is best to check only one topic box at a time, until you get used to how the entire program works.  Please note that each
individual entry box can be checked and/or highlighted to obtain text and location.  Likewise with each icon on the map.]

To install  *prototype* click here:   DELAWARE TOWNSHIP Mar17

        [ This is what your screen should look like. ]

Fullscreen capture 1122014 15036 PM-001


What about photos?  Photos are better dealt with as a separate link.  We plan to establish a link for this shortly.